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18 Years of Rich Experience in the Industry

Professional commercial display image design and implementation

2,000 National service teams

Focus on luxury goods, cosmetics, clothing, digital communications, food and new retai

One-stop Service Provider for High-end Brand Overall Scheme


From preliminary scheme design to structural optimization and products making, relying on many years of industry experience, we provide services including luxury goods, cosmetics, clothing, catering and digital communications, and specify corresponding service standards according to the characteristics and needs of different industries.

+Luxury goods
+Digital communication
+New retail


Professional design team, many years of industry design experience. The design content includes: store overall research and development design,window design, prop design, display design, poster design,   etc.

Pattern view of design: The level of design is the pattern view of design, and standing at different levels brings different perspectives; The depth of design is not only for good-looking, but also supported by professional contents such as in-depth design concept and insight into design links. The breadth of design is to consider many links such as more convenient operation,diversion and promotion in the design process.
Our control ability at business planning, consumer insight, brand tonality, user experience and other deeper levels, and many years of experience in cooperation with large brands have formed a higher pattern view of design.

Window prop design: The unconstrained creativity needs to combine the tonality and execution capability of the brand. In terms of creativity, we are not limited to providing various presentation methods such as software, hand painting, sculpture, construction, 3D printing, with material selection as diversified as possible. Paper, cloth, acrylic, LED, metal, wood and other materials are comprehensively used. 

Visual display design: Hard decoration is bone and display is skin. This is an era of preferring good appearance. Display design can improve the store's appearance qualitatively at a small cost. Meanwhile, display design matches the theme of the store's quarterly marketing activities and serves the purposes of diversion,sales and promotion.

1.Full process color scheme: efficient, accurate and professional digital proofing Realizing end-to-end full process control from color selection to final production through color management authentication technology;

2.Color digitization, remote calibration Data-orienting color standard, accurate color correction, understanding color quality at all times and places, intelligent management.

BLA cloud platform system integrates order management, production management, packaging management, logistics management, installation management, warehouse management, financial accounting,  performance statistics and production statistics analysis. The efficiency and accuracy are improved, the labor cost is reduced, the production process flow is optimized, and the material utilization rate is increased. The digitalization and informatization of process management and real paperless office and production are achieved.



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